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This area contains files and data used in recent and ongoing development and test activities. While most of this information is publicly visible it is so provided without any support or warranty of any kind, for any purpose. Also please note that the contents of this testing area may appear, change, and disappear at whim with no warning. Use at you own risk, may result in personal disappointment, disaster, nightmares, etc.

Test Facility

The OSF maintains a wide variety of test environments for both regression testing and new code development. With personnel distributed across 15 time zones this "lights out" facility allows remote power cycling and access to USB and serial interfaces for the many devices that are not routinely left powered up and online. Thanks to the donation of some clever gadgets from one of our FIPS 140-2 validation sponsors, Opengear, such as the CM4000 serial console server and the IP-PDU 9108, this remote management is done easily and securely using OpenSSL based cryptography.